About US

Africa Centre for Work Based Learning is a Professional Development Centre for Professionals who aim to improve their professional standing. The centre is a professional development institution established in 2011 as a member of The Coaching Community group. The work of the centre is to prepare people for professions and so far does its work in the following professions: Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Organisation Development, Project Management, Accounting, Teaching, IT, Media and Communication and Local Government Management.


To be a key partner in the development of higher performing individuals within african organisations ,big or small.


To bring quality professional development for individuals in organisations across the african continent that are fit for purpose, fit for award and fit for purpose, fit for award and fit for africa in the 22nd Centuary.

Our Beliefs

We believe organisations succeed because people succeed. Individuals make up the Organisation the culture, the values of people make organisations what they are.


Facilitate the development of a range of multi-professional Advanced Practitioners,
who will be fit for practice, fit for purpose and fit for award.

Allows you to gain expertise and experience in a particular role or occupation.

Develops practical, work-related skills such as project Management, decision making,
negotiating skills and Teamwork

Work Based Learning Studies (WBS) give you the opportunity to gain Academic credit
for learning gained chiefly from your work and/or interests