Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Practice


This 12-month programme is aimed at those who want to practice as professional educators and want to raise the standard of your teaching practice. It is pegged at SAQA NQF 7 (Postgraduate). This programme gives you advanced theoretical foundations of teaching practice underpinned by practical psychological foundations to understanding human behaviour as an Educator then proceeds to help you discover skills and fit-for-purpose methodology of teaching that works for your context. Unlike the undergraduate university programmes and some post-graduate programmes, this programme is very practice oriented as opposed to theoretical structure of the former mentioned programmes.

Who should attend?

This 12-month programme is aimed at those who want to enhance their teaching practice and generally create a fit for purpose approach to learning and teaching that defines their legacy as an educator. It is pegged at SAQA NQF 7 (Postgraduate).

Entry Requirements

Entry level is undergraduate degree, preferably in education, but not compulsory. Other qualifications in the helping professions (social work, psychology, theology, etc) will be considered.

You will draw heavily on your work & life experience. Compulsory practicum in teaching is a requirement.

NOTE: This is an Honours level qualification, currently in the process of becoming registered with the Council of higher Education (CHE) and a mini proposal will be required at the end of the programme.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  • • Understand Foundation principles of Teaching and learning
  • • Apply Skills required for effective Teaching and learning conversations
  • • Explore & Apply Practical considerations in Teaching and learning
  • • Have Explored Specialized teaching methods and the landscape of teaching
  • • Understand and apply the Psychology of Teaching and learning
  • • Manage their Teaching and learning Practice for effective learning
  • • Understand and apply Elements of Reflective practice to teaching


  • • Participation in workshops
  • • 50 hours teaching Practicum
  • • 25 hours of practice-related coaching received
  • • Reflective feedback on practicum
  • • Several essays and a summative assessment by way of presentation and skills demonstration.
  • • A final Mini-dissertation

doc_icon DURATION : 12 Months

doc_icon PROGRAMME COST : R 36 000

doc_icon VENUE :

Africa Centre for Work Based Learning.
1122 Burnett Street
Suite F-4A Hatfield Plaza Towers.

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The programme is accredited as RCTI by the Africa Board for Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology (ABCCCP), which means the participants will attain a 100hours as credit towards membership with the Professional Body.

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