The Africa We Want to Live-In (TAWWTLI)
An experiential process in transforming Self, Business & Country

Who should attend?

This 8 week programme is designed for all the conscious citizens of the African continent who are tired of complain and want to do something about the state of the slice of Africa they live in. It is an intensive process that will empower participants with a model and process to transform self, business and country.

Entry Requirements

Entry level is undergraduate degree, preferably, but not compulsorily in the helping professions (social work, psychology, theology, etc). You will draw heavily on your work & life experience. Compulsory practicum in coaching is a requirement.

NOTE: This is an Honours level qualification registered with the Council of higher Education (CHE) and a mini proposal will be required at the end of the programme.

Programme Schedule

Over 8-weeks the participants will undergo an experiential process.


  •   Week 0: Introduction to TAWWTLI
  •   Week 1: From past to present-Problem view
  •   Week 2: From Present to Presence – Being View
  •   Week 3: From Self-Solving to Shared solving
  •   Week 4: Leading from the emerging future
  •   Week 5: Moving into shared action
  •   Week 6: Moving into shared action – Part 2
  •   Week 7: From Micro to Macro – creating distributed impact

Set up

The programme is a mixed mode programme distributed across the continent. There will be no classroom teaching other than the virtual workshops that will be carried out by the Faculty once a week. Participants are required to submit a project at the end of the programme to claim credit. Participants in close proximity

Fee includes :

  • • Registration fees
    • Tuition
    • Study Material (excluding textbooks)
    • Assessments
    • Workshops
    • Examination & Project work
    • 4 hours of Coaching Supervision
    • Use of the ACWBL for coaching sessions
    (Where relevant) • Access to our library Membership
    • Student Membership of the Africa Board for - Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology

doc_icon DURATION : 8 weeks part time

doc_icon PROGRAMME COST :R 1 007.83

doc_icon VENUE :

Africa Centre for Work Based Learning.
1122 Burnett Street
Suite F-4A Hatfield Plaza Towers.

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