The State of Leadership – a Leadership Breakfast Event

Date: 25 April 2017rsvp-button

Time & Venue: 07h30 AM at ZOE’S RESTAURANT @ BROOKLYN LODGE. 308 Tram St, Pretoria, 0181

Cost: R 150.00 pp (Breakfast and coffee included)

Details of the event:

It is, Leadership, that is, the most talked about, written about and most thought about phenomenon. It affects all of us, leaders and followers alike, for the leader of the morning is a follower in the afternoon and vice versa. Leadership is also the most scapegoated persona in the second and third place; when the chips are down, we are most likely to point out to leadership failures out there, and never at self.

As practising leaders we are caught up in the paradox of understanding the lay of the land and the pattern of the tapestry of our canvas as we paint our own signature on a daily basis. Please join Goodnews Cadogan, Dr. Mongezi C Makhalima, Dr. Linda Chipunza and Mrs. Nomsa Motsohi in the Coaching in Africa Leadership Conversations Series.We will explore together with you as participant leadership from inside and out and hopefully leave with a renewed sense of yourself as a leader as you head back to your place of work to face a new day



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