CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting

You don’t need a degree to start a successful career after school or college but the right professional qualification and training. CIMA registration is open to all, regardless of educational background. All you need is competence in Maths and English.

Study CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (Cert BA) with Contemporary Training to bypass university and head straight for the world of business. CIMA Cert BA is an entry level recognised qualification (NQF Level 5, SAQA ID 24418), which will help you build your business and financial knowledge. It’s a qualification in its own right and a great introduction to the world of business, whether you’re looking to secure a top job or run your own business. Upon completion you can use the letters CIMA Cert BA after your name.

Whether you already work in business and want a professional qualification to help you progress, or you have no business or finance background and want to make a change, studying CIMA could be the best career decision you ever make.

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting, lays a solid foundation for future job opportunities by learning the basics of financial management. Whether you’re fresh out of school or a college graduate, this learning programme offers you an invaluable opportunity to up-skill yourself.


The CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting syllabus is divided into four fundamental courses, namely:


BA1 – Fundamentals of Business Economics
BA2 – Fundamentals of Management Accounting
BA3 – Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
BA4 – Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law


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CIMA 2018 Certificate in Business Accounting Timetable (Part-time February Class)


CIMA Professional Qualification

Studying CIMA after university and boosting your degree with a professional qualification is a strong career move. You’ll gain new, employable business skills and experience, and you’ll impress potential employers just by adding ‘CIMA student’ / CIMA Dip/ CIMA Adv Dip to your CV.

If you are starting out in business or you are already working, but are wanting to break through to the senior management space, CIMA is the qualification that will give you the business acumen, enterprise understanding, performance management knowledge and project management skills you need – all backed by a solid financial management and accounting stream. CIMA STRUCTURE/ CIMA SYLLABUS

If you’ve already completed a relevant degree, like accounting or business, you may be entitled to exemptions from some CIMA exams, allowing you to progress onto the Professional Qualification sooner. To find out more about exemptions please follow the link here

If you hold a Master’s or MBA in Accounting, you can take the accelerated Master’s Gateway route to the CIMA Professional Qualification. You’ll just need to pass the CIMA Gateway exam, which is a three-hour computer-based case study exam, available four times a year.

Once you’ve passed the CIMA Gateway exam, you’ll be exempt from 12 exams and can progress straight to the strategic level of the CIMA Professional Qualification, the final step towards CGMA status.

As a CIMA student, you’ll have exclusive access to CIMA connect, the online study support community. There you’ll find free resources such as past papers, practice exams, blogs and discussions about the Master’s Gateway route.


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CIMA September 2017 Semester 

CIMA February 2018 Semester Timetable

CIMA May 2018 Classes Timetable

CIMA August 2018 Classes Timetable