Training and Skills Development

The best investment any entrepreneur can make is the investment of knowledge through training and skills development; and that investment is first to self and then to the team.

Being people of actions, most entrepreneurs neglect their need for personal development through the acquisition of new knowledge. Even more detrimental to the development of many entrepreneurs is the underestimation of the value of skills training and development for their teams and the talent that manages the operations of their organisations.

The words SKILLS TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT are synonymous with EDUCATION.  While experience cannot be discounted as valuable development for the entrepreneur, formal training in specialised areas such as Sales and Marketing, Finance and Financial Management, Leadership and Strategy development can set one entrepreneur apart from the rest  in more ways than one can imagine.

Through The Entrepreneurship Academy. we offers formal entrepreneurial education through developmental programmes, certificate courses, general seminars for both the entrepreneur(s) and their team(s).

Entrepreneurship Certificates on offer:

Executive Acceleration Entrepreneurship Program

Entrepreneurship 101

Professional Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Seminars

Introduction to Business Planning

Sales and Marketing for Success

Personal Branding/Big Branding for Small Business

Human Resource for Entrepreneurs