Financial Freedom Workshop

Date: 25 November 2017

Time: 09h00 – 16h30

Venue: The Africa Centre for Work Based Learning

Cost: R550.00 pp. (R900.00 if you bring with a partner)

Have you ever wondered:
  Why you broke?
  Why are you so indebted?
  Why is saving difficult?
  Should you acquire services of a financial advisor?
  And what are the SMART ways to SAVE and INVEST your money?

Join Mr Collen Lemawane and Dr Mongezi Makhalima as they take you through feasible habits and practical steps that will take you out of your financial strain on a full day Financial Freedom learning event. Participants will be able to/should do the following by the end of the event:

 Know and Apply Financial Freedom Principles
 The Key Principles of earning, managing and growing your money
 Create specific action plans to start your quest for financial freedom