Discover & Unleash the Greatness within You by changing just one thing!

Start Date: 19 – 21 October 2017ACWBL

Duration: 2.5 Days

Programme Cost: R7646 

Early Bird Cost: R 5000.00 pp (From 22 June – 31 August)

Objectives of the Programme

Today, Medical Doctors are increasingly citing stress as a major contributing factor to most illness. Implications for the individual and the workplace, therefore, include: poor health & fatigue, increased incidents of absenteeism, higher medical bills, reduced productivity and poor inter-personal relationships. The objectives oapply-nowf this Programme are:

  • Impart knowledge, skills and tools on How to know who you are – your Mind Body Characteristics – at Conception as well as currently,
  • Help You to Discover Your In-born, Mind Body Strengths and Thus, How to Unleash Your In-born Human Potential,
  • Help You to Identify How You Behave Under Stressful Situations and What to Do About It,
  • Take You On a Path to Discover What in Your Mind Body Health is Currently Out of Balance, as well as How to Recover Your Equilibrium, for Higher Performance & Better Work/Life Balance,
  • Thereby Unleashing the Leadership Greatness Within You, Thus Improving Your Leadership Effectiveness.

Who should attend?

  • Coaches & Consultants, Company Executives, Public Leaders, All Others Aspiring to Phenomenal Leadership and Healthier, More Conscious Lifestyles. A Certificate of Attendance from the Chopra Centre University in California, USA, will be issued at the completion of the 5-Module Course.

Programme & Learning outcomes

By the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

Module 1: Foundational Principles of Ayurveda & the Three Principle Mind Body Types

  • Participants Will Discover Their Natural Mind Body Types As Well As Their Current Mind Body State of Balance or Lack Thereof

Module 2: Food As Medicine –  Participants to Monitor & Document Their Eating Habits Over One Week, Using Maadili Work Sheet

  • Participants Will Acquire Knowledge on Ayurvedic Nutritional Practices That Will Help Maintain Vibrant Health, Appropriate Weight & Optimized Digestion

Module 3: Tools & Practices for Daily Mind Body Regeneration & Renewal; Participants to Monitor & Document Their Daily Time Use Routines Over One Week Using Maadili Work Sheet

  • Participants Will Learn How to Identify & Eliminate Toxins That Accumulate in Their Minds & Bodies, Holistic Techniques to Relieve Stress & Anxiety, As Well As Secrets for Restful Sleep

Module 4: Secrets to Emotional Freedom Participants to do Preparatory Work on One Difficult Relationship In Their Private or Public Lives

  • Participants Will Learn Why Emotional Freedom is the Key to Our Physical,  Mental & Emotional Health & How to Use Conscious Communication to Transform
    Their Private & Public Relationships

Module 5: Harnessing Our Internal Pharmacy Through the Healing Power of the Five Senses

  • Participants Will Learn The Healing Power of Sound, Touch, Sight, Taste & Smell and How to Harness These to Balance Their Minds & Bodies