Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching Psychology

Starting Dates: 

Nigeria: 18 – 19 May 2018

South Africa: 01 – 02 June 2018

Ghana: 27 – 28 July 2018


Duration: 18 Months

Programme Cost: R42 000.00

Objectives of the programme                                                                       

 This 18-month programme is aimed at those who want to practice as professional coaches. It is pegged at SAQA NQF 7 (Postgraduate). This programme gives you basic psychological foundations to understanding human behaviour as a coach then proceeds to help you discover skills and fit-for-purpose methodology of coaching that works for you as a coach. Unlike the Certificate programme in business coaching, this programme is generic in its design to provide for the flexibility to learn the skills and attributes that lead the coach to specialize in their own area of coaching. Candidates who have a National Certificate in Business Coaching can finish this qualification in 12 months.

Who should attend?

This 18-month programme is aimed at those who want to practice as professional coaches. It is pegged at SAQA NQF 7 (Postgraduate). To be on the programme you probably have just completed a certificate coaching programme elsewhere and you find the approach you learned limiting. Or you merely want to expand your repertoire and differentiate yourself.


accreditation-www-abcccp-comThe programme is accredited as RCTI by the Africa Board for Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology (ABCCCP), which means the participants will attain a 100 hours as credit towards membership with the Professional Body. Registered students acquire Student Membership to the ABCCCP.


Entry Requirements

Entry level is undergraduate degree, preferably, but not compulsorily in the helping professions (social work, psychology, theology, etc). You will draw heavily on your work & life experience. Compulsory practicum in coaching is a requirement.

NOTE: This is an Honours level qualification registered with the Council of higher Education (CHE) and a mini proposal will be required at the end of the programme.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the programme, participants should, amongst other things, be able to:acwbl-www-abcccp-com

  • Understand Foundation principles of Coaching
  • Apply Skills required for effective coaching Conversations
  • Explore & Apply Practical considerations in Coaching
  • Have Explored Specialized coaching streams And the landscape of coaching
  • Understand and apply Ethics of Coaching
  • Understand and apply the Psychology of Coaching
  • Manage their Coaching Practice
  • Understand and apply Elements of
  • Reflective practice
  • Etc


  • Participation in workshops,
  • 100 hours coaching Practicum,
  • 45 hours of coaching received
  • Reflective feedback on practicum,
  • Several essays and a summative assessment by way of presentation and skills demonstration.
  • A final Mini-dissertation