Why Do We Suffer And What To Do About It …

Date: 25 July 2017cpd

COST: R150 pp (R100 pp for ABCCCP members)

TIME: 17H30 for 18H00.

VENUE: The Africa Centre for Work Based Learning. 1122 Burnett Street. Suite F-4A Hatfield Plaza Towers.

Have you noticed how some people’s lives seems to be a constant struggle, while others (few?) seem to be content with life and go through life effortlessly? In this session we share a few insights from science and sociology and even ancient knowledge of why this difference and why the more successful are getting it right.

Africa Board for Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology – ABCCCP is interested in constantly sharing knowledge for both the user and buyers of coaching and consulting on the African continent, as well as creating networking events and opportunities for business as practitioners.

Please join us for our Africa Board for Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology CPD event and learn:

● Why do we suffer
● What to do about it
● And other insights from the session


www-abcccp-comDr. Mongezi Makhalima is an organisation -development specialist, organisational learning expert & accredited Chartered Coach with over 20 years’ experience in corporate and NGO’s focusing on Human resources, talent management and change management. He is a Programme Director of the Postgraduate Programme in Coaching Psychology at The Africa Centre for Work-Based Learning and also chairman of the Africa Board for Coaching, Consulting & Coaching Psychology – ABCCCP.